A Gift For All Life’s Journeys

Crystal Hampers is a unique gift for yourself, for birthdays, a new job, baby or any exciting new life journey, but can also be much much more for those moments when we are unsure of what to do for the person that is facing one of life’s challenges. Furthermore, if words fail us, a Crystal Hamper fills the void of silence.

The unique composition of our gift is simplistic, yet gently and silently empowers and fascinates no matter what reason for your gift. Ideal if you are new to crystals, or when flowers are not enough.

Featured Crystal Hamper

The Prosperity Hamper 

This exciting Crystal Hamper is for those seeking prosperity, abundance or success. 

This hamper assists with the creativity to help make decisions, to put yourself in the best position to receive, achieve or attract prosperity or opportunity that is being sought. This is an ideal hamper for those starting again or trying to find a new life path.   

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About Our Hampers

We have created 12 Zodiac (birthday) Hampers which are universal, and offer a range of Special Purpose Hampers that are more specific, including a range for children. The Crystals have been selected for their empowerment, protection properties, and emotional needs.

Each Hamper contains 7 specific crystals and other delightful gifts to open and explore, all meticulously packaged with sophisticated earthy tones and textures.

Crystal Hampers ship FREE Australia wide and overseas by special request.

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At Crystal Hampers, we like to write about crystals, gifts, life’s journeys and business a little differently.

We are proud supporters of ‘paying it forward’.

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