What are crystals?

We have two types of crystals in our Crystal Hampers.

  1. The first type of crystal is earth crystals. Beautiful, fascinating pieces of earth. As a basic scientific snapshot; some are millions of years old and some more recent. Some are born from cooled lava or tree sap trapping organic matter in the process. Some are formed through escaping earth gases or interaction with the sun. Whatever natural process, crystals (or stones) have resulted. Some are precious or semi-precious gemstones, and some are more gentle crystals. Some are not crystals at all but are considered crystal-like because of their origins and healing properties.
  1. The second type is a combination hand cut and machine cut crystal glass which we have used to create our Sun-catchers. It is a similar type of crystal to Swarovski or Bohemia, or the type you find in drinking glasses. To be considered a crystal and to perform sparkling duties, the crystal is manufactured with a percentage of lead. Our sun-catcher, contains approximately 30% lead. Note: Do not immerse the sun-catcher in water to clean it. Only spot clean or polish with a dry cloth. Do not drink the water if lead crystal has been immersed in it.

All crystals in Crystal Hampers have earth origins. We have not included any synthetic crystals in Crystal Hampers.

Why is Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz included in every hamper?

Rose Quartz is known for being the crystal of love and relationships. Clear Quartz is known for enhancing the energy of the other crystals when stored together, as well has having its own properties. Clear Quartz is also considered a crystal for all Zodiacs. Furthermore, Crystal Hampers believe these two crystals alone form an essential basis for any crystal collection.

Why did I not get the a crystal(s) as listed on the website?

Our suppliers acquire crystals locally or from far and wide around the globe. The quantities and frequency they buy can be varied. In the unfortunate instance that we are not able to supply you one or more of the crystals as listed, we will replace them with a crystal(s) that are sympathetic to the special purpose of the hamper or Zodiac, that are of equal or greater value. In any case, the hamper will always contain seven relevant crystals.

Why are there some rough cut/natural crystals, and some crystals that are polished in the hamper?

Some crystals are generally only available polished (smooth, rounded) Eg Malachite. Some naturally come in points Eg Clear quartz, Amethyst, or Citrine. And some just look beautiful simply in their natural, rough cut state. We have included a mix of both polished and unpolished (and size) to provide a variety in texture, feel and presentation.

Why are some crystals smaller than others, and different shapes?

Using the diamond as an example. It is available in different grades, sizes, clarity, cuts, or carats. The same applies to all other crystals. Most crystals are graded and are therefore simply more expensive than others. Some are only available in one grade. It also depends how they have been cut or polished, or maybe where they have come from. A smaller crystal can also mean it is one of our more expensive crystals. There are a variety of factors that make each piece unique. Please contact us if you require further information about any of the crystals you have received.

Why don’t the crystals in my hamper look like the photos of samples on the website?

No two pieces of crystal are identical. (Only man made can offer an identical look.) Each piece is polished differently, cut differently, have different inclusions or be even brighter or paler. There are many factors that make it unique, which in turn makes each hamper unique. In any case, our suppliers work hard with us to ensure that every crystal is similar in size, for that particular crystal.

Where can I buy more crystals?

Depending where you live, some crystal wholesalers have showrooms and will retail to you. Markets will often have a stall with crystal jewellery or crystal pieces. Furthermore, some market stalls specialise and sell a variety of crystal items. Eg rose quartz can be purchased in jewellery, or heart shapes. Also more spiritual (new age) stores or trade shows will have a selection too.

A must, look out for Gem Shows via your local Lapidary club (it`s like crystals on steroids!) Or take a special trip to the majestic Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens outside Byron Bay. Good jewellery and homewares stores often have beautiful pieces cut into ornaments or jewellery too.

How do I pick a crystal to buy?

At Crystal Hampers all crystals have been selected, initially for their emotional needs meanings, and/or affiliation with each of the Zodiacs. Furthermore, they are then selected for their grading, their beauty and by intuition.

If you are in a store or at a market stall, consider these attributes as a starting point, or when you pick the crystal up, if it feels right in your hand then this is the right crystal for you. Hold it only for a moment. If it ‘sings to you’ (not literally of course), you have made a good choice.

Why should I cleanse my crystals and how should I cleanse them?

Crystals have been handled before you have received them – by suppliers and during shipping. At Crystal Hampers each crystal is polished, cleansed and in-tune prior to being placed in a Crystal Hamper. However, the energy you want on your crystals should be your own to maximise their benefits. So it is best you cleanse them when you first receive them to complete the process, and keep cleansing them as needed. For example if you take a crystal to work each day and the environment is toxic, cleanse it every day.

We have included a small Sage Cluster for you to cleanse your crystals completely when you first receive them. Simply light the end of the cluster and wave the crystals through the smoke (Note: Please do this over a non-flammable surface/plate. The cluster will burn quickly). Then going forward, cleansing can be as simple as washing the crystal under cold running water, imagining that all impurities are rinsing away down the sink. (Put the plug in if you need but don’t put the crystal in the used water).

Lastly, we have included inside the hampers tips on a fun way to cleanse them utilising the full moon.

How do we know crystals have healing properties or meanings?

The immediate answer is that we don’t know for sure, and you should never rely on them to replace any form of medical or health practitioner advice. What we do know is that history has recorded very early uses of crystals.

Lapis Lazuli was used during Ancient Egyptian times for healing. Tutankhamun was surrounded by Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian and other crystals in his coffin and tomb. The Aztecs used crystals. Warriors would carry them during battle or sailors would carry them to ward off illness and ensure the safety of passage.

We also know that science tells us that crystals absorb and emit energy because of their properties. The quartz component inside watches is a perfect example of this. Over the more recent decades, crystals have enjoyed a renewed interest for their healing properties and meanings, and/or simply for their beauty and wonderment. Crystal Hampers will not tell you what you should believe. We are merely an introduction to a world of exploration, igniting a crystal journey.

Where do the meanings of the crystals come from?

Since Deborah became interested in crystals and their proposed properties, she has widely read to explore their proposed properties. Sources include history notations, and numerous crystal reference books, and websites. Also many conversations have been had with suppliers, and specialists through trade-fairs, lapidary gem shows, markets and specialist stores.

As you investigate further, you will note there is an underlying consensus with most crystals, which we have also ratified with our Reiki and Crystal specialist Sally Wilson from Awakening Life Within, based here on the Sunshine Coast. However, during our  investigations some crystals did not achieve this consensus and have subsequently been excluded from our hampers. We have provided you only a snapshot of the crystal meanings to ignite your crystal journey.

Can I change the crystals that go in the hamper or add to the order?

Crystal Hampers is not able to offer this service at this time. Please also note that set combinations apply to ensure the hamper is true to its purpose and/or Zodiac.

Where do the crystals come from in Crystal Hampers?

Everywhere! From Australia, to New York, to Uruguay, to Africa, everywhere around the globe. This can vary by crystal and supplier, (Note: the same crystal can have multiple sources). Crystal Hampers only deal with reputable established suppliers around Australia, or directly with overseas sources. To the best of our knowledge, the crystals included in our hampers have been ethically sourced.

What is on the scroll in the Hamper?

Information regarding the contents of the hamper and how to look after them. The first name of the person receiving the hamper is at top of the page to personalise it in addition to the gift card.

What if I don’t want to include a gift card?

Please contact us immediately after you place the order to ensure it`s removal. Also please advise if you do not wish for the scroll to be personalised.

How do I look after the brass on the signature box?

Brass will tarnish with age and as you handle the box. The long term affect is for the box to appear aged or antique. If you do not wish for this to occur and want it to remain shiny, please purchase a Copper and Brass polish.

Do we support Australian businesses?

Yes, yes, yes! This is our first port of call for our business needs. We use Australian businesses for printing, sourcing packaging, getting packaging made, stationery, and various services. We support in the following priority:  immediately local businesses first, then the next major city, then another Australian state, and the last resort is overseas. So each hamper is quite multicultural if you consider it literally by how it is sourced.

Crystal Hampers is an all Australian owned and family run business based in the Noosa Hinterland.

One of my crystals doesn’t ‘feel right’.

All crystals are not ‘one size fits all’. If your crystal does not feel right, gift your crystal to someone that you think might enjoy it and make sure you tell them to cleanse it. As a suggestion, some people use them in the garden. Trust your intuition re what you should do with it. Please note: Crystal Hampers do not exchange crystals.

Why base crystals on the ‘Sun Zodiac’?

The Sun Zodiac or traditional horoscopes we see in magazines are the most commonly referred to and are typically a good snapshot of your personality traits. If you do not fit the traits often associated with your Zodiac sign, explore astrology in more depth and you will note the nuances of your personality become clearer when considering other factors.

Also in your explorations, you will note there is much conjecture about where the relationships come from – linking crystals and gems to each of the Zodiacs. The constellations in which the Sun Zodiacs are based, are thought to represent the personality traits of the figures depicted in the skies, correlating to the period in which you were born. However, Crystal Hampers are not astrologers. Information about the Zodiac and crystals is widely available for you to explore further and form your own opinions.

What is a sun-catcher and what do I do with a sun-catcher?

The crystal sun-catcher in our Crystal Hampers is made from a mixture of hand cut and machine cut crystal. Some pieces might contain tiny inclusions or tiny bubbles, making it a unique piece. The crystal contains approx 30% lead for it to be able to perform its’ sparkling duties but it also entitles it to be called crystal. Hang it somewhere it is likely to catch the sun or light, and even a touch of breeze. As the wind blows or the sun or light moves (or you move), the sun-catcher will do its` job reflecting light in different directions. Watch it put a smile on the face of anyone that sees it.

Note: A Sun-catcher should be used with caution. Do not place where it could potentially ignite a fire if it is stagnant and left in the direct sun all day. Also do not immerse in water and drink the water it has been immersed in.  

Where can I store or put my crystals?

There are many places. You will need to experiment to feel what is right for you. We have included our signature wooden box so this can become the first place for storage (lid on or off). Place this box on your bed side table, on your desk or favourite place you spend time.

We have photos on our website and Instagram to show you how your Crystal Hamper box can look. We have also included two different pouches so you can safely carry them with you in your bag. Crystal cages have also been included so you can wear your favourite one. (Please note that The Kid`s Empowerment Hamper does not contain a box.)

What can I do with my crystals?

The use for crystals is endless. Simply have them near you or take them with you in a pouch as a starter. We have also included two crystal cages (one for The Kid`s Empowerment Hamper) so you can wear your favourite, or simply hold a crystal in your hand, or pop it under the pillow.

Specific placement and gridding is also popular as is the use of crystals in the practice of Reiki. Another common use is to make elixirs but please seek specialist advice before doing this. As you investigate and explore further, the possibilities and uses are numerous. Please note: Crystal Hampers does not offer any further advice re their uses.

Will my crystals break or damage?

Yes they can break and/or get damaged. Both the suncatcher and earth crystals are fragile and should be respected at all times. Be mindful when placing a mix of polished and unpolished crystals together, particularly in the bottom of bags or pockets. That is why we have included two bags in the hampers. For example shards of amethyst and points like clear quartz or citrine can break if not handled carefully. Please note: Crystal Hampers will not replace damaged crystals unless damaged in transit.

Should I give crystals to children?

Yes. Our Kid`s Empowerment Hamper is an excellent starter for boosting confidence and fostering positivity in children, or simply to ignite a crystal journey. Otherwise, please seek advice from a specialist to help select crystals that are suitable for their needs. As a suggestion, starting with beautiful gentle Rose Quartz is the perfect first crystal for a child.

Please note: Crystal Hampers does not offer any further advice re this question. Crystals are not suitable for children under 5 years of age.

What can be recycled?

All paper, cardboard and shipping packaging, including the outer soft plastic post pack used for shipping can be recycled. The coconut fibre can be mulched. Everything else in the hamper is for your use and/or reusable. Check with your local council for more details.

How do I place an order?

Please place all orders via the website. This ensures that all details are correctly collected and there is no confusion as to what has been ordered, including names and messages. Prior to placing the order, please contact us if you have any further questions that are not answered below or throughout the website. We do not want to cause any disappointment or frustration.

How can I pay for the hamper?

Crystal Hampers offer the following payment facilities. Paypal, Afterpay and Stripe. Please refer to each company`s website for their terms and conditions.

What are Crystal Hampers opening hours?

Office Hours are 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday if you need to call. All orders are dispatched during this time.

Note: Please allow for Queensland public holidays and weekends.

Can I send an email?

Yes, we love email. In fact we prefer it so that your query is in writing. For details please see contact us page. We will respond to you as soon as possible. It would be unusual if we have not responded within 24hrs on business days. Please call if your query is urgent.

When will my order be dispatched? And when will the hamper be received?

Crystal Hampers do not guarantee a same business day dispatch. We aim to dispatch within 24 hours of receipt of your order. Australia Post will deliver your order within 7 days, less for capital cities. Please allow time for postage from Noosaville – which is considered regional Queensland.

Please consider our express service handling and postage if the FREE standard postage does not meet your needs. This will take 2-3 business days to arrive depending upon your destination, and incur a fee of $19.95 payable at the checkout.

Are there any hidden costs?

FREE standard postage is included in the order. There are no additional costs charged by Crystal Hampers other than the cost of the hamper itself, unless you select the express service handling and postage option at the checkout.

Will you send my order overseas?

Please contact us for further information.

How can I give feedback?

Please get in touch via the contact us page. We would love to hear from you on all occasions. We would especially love to hear about your crystal stories and crystal journeys and any suggestions you might have to help us make a better Crystal Hampers experience.

Or please visit us on Instagram or Facebook.

Does Crystal Hampers wholesale?

Crystal Hampers will wholesale in the near future.

I would like to work with Crystal Hampers.

If you would like to potentially guest blog or discuss any aspect of working with us, please get in touch via the contact us page. We would love to hear from you.

I`ve got more questions and/or require further clarification.

Please get in touch via the contact us page. We would love to hear from you and will do our best to help.