Historically, there is no universal agreement re which crystals are linked with each Sun Zodiac Sign. Commercially, gemstone jewellery and birthstones have been linked to each month instead. It’s only when you look deeper, more crystals naturally affiliate with the Signs because the meanings of the crystals resonate with the associated personality traits. To ensure that the 12 Zodiac Hampers are both encompassing and meaningful, the crystals have been selected on the following basis:

  • Historical astrological birthstones
  • ‘Zodiac Sympathetic`crystals, to enhance the Zodiac`s qualities, and minimise the flaws
  • Core crystals – Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz are in every hamper for their warming and powerfully positive properties.

NOTE: Every Crystal Hamper is earth conscious. All items (including the packaging) are reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

We hope by selecting a Zodiac Crystal Hamper we are igniting a journey of empowerment and fascination for the recipient whilst offering encouragement and warmth with the intent the gift is given…for life’s journeys.

What's Inside Our Largest Hamper

  • 7 natural earth crystals (specific for each Zodiac – set combinations apply)
  • A Crystal Hampers wooden box to store your crystals (choice of 2)
  • A hand cut crystal sun-catcher
  • Incense (14 sticks)
  • A wooden incense holder
  • Mini sage cluster to cleanse your crystals
  • Special cards with star sign summary and meanings for each crystal
  • Crystal cages (2 sizes included) to enable you to wear your crystals
  • Pouches (2 sizes included) to carry your crystals
  • A scroll with information about the hamper/contents and how to look after it
  • A gift card (you personalise)
  • A complimentary ‘pay it forward` gift.
  • All beautifully packaged in a handy reusable hamper tray.

Select a Hamper

Zodiac Hampers

To ensure that the 12 Zodiac Hampers are both encompassing and meaningful, the crystals have been selected based on their Zodiac Sign and month.

Special Purpose Hampers

Focus on those special occasions and needs by helping someone through a challenging period, restoring some positivity, or more excitingly, a wedding, newborn, a startup business or motivational conference.  

Kid's Hampers

This hamper is ideal for the child that needs a boost in confidence and positivity, or is having a challenging time. It aids to calm anxieties, enhance communication and help embrace a positive mindset whether at school, play or family life.