Swarovski Crystal or Earth Crystals?


(I hear gasps) This is a tricky one to argue now that I have both in my life! Can I be a Libran and sit on the fence with my view? Some might consider me a Gemini given my over-the-top love of Swarovski crystal (and other man-made crystal) because I just love a bit of bling in my life, and because of the fun and the formality it brings. It reminds me of family gatherings. Christmas especially. However, given I am actually a Scorpio, there is no denying my all-or-nothing love of all things crystal, whether earth made or machine made, is fiercely intense. It`s beauty just makes me smile. As a child I was given Swarovski ornamental pieces that you can still buy today. I was also given little Bohemia and Waterford crystal pieces over the years to add to my collection of vases and trinkets, and bowls and boxes, (you can never have too many vases or trinket boxes!). I then somehow discovered Swarovski crystal jewellery and Marcasite. Next I began raiding both my Grandmothers jewellery boxes for vintage pendants and necklaces, and brooches. I remember wearing them everywhere in my teens and to my school formals. Then both my grandmas started actively adding to my collections as they grew older, rehousing their prized ornaments in young appreciating hands. Then as I got older, I would traverse market after market on weekends, or antique shops for different pieces of sparkly man-made crystal. Then I met my husband David.

He hasn’t escaped my love of crystal either. Our wedding was filled with crystal. Red crystal. My red dress, the tables, the entire wedding party’s jewellery, even David’s tie pin! (I think it was the Gemini coming out in me. The red Swarovski crystal seemed to make everything so much more fun) Furthermore, David introduced me to his mother’s much loved crystal from late circa 1800’s.

It’s not often a man comes out of divorce with his family crystal but fortunately he had the inclination to keep it. Much of it is displayed with pride in cabinets with my grandmothers pieces and the other much loved crystal purchases and gifts. I haven’t really asked my family if they like the man-made crystal around the house (and I wont be – that’s the Leo in me) but it is in the bathroom, the office, the lounge, the dining room, and the bedrooms. There is no escaping it. It’s even on the outside of the house.  I have subsequently introduced our boys to the sentiment of the pieces we have. All our bedside tables are adorned with crystal – but now the crystal bowls are housing our earth crystal collections. Unfortunately the bowls are becoming too small as all our collections of earth crystals grow.

The Sagittarius is coming out in me though now that I have experienced having earth crystals in my life full time. I’ve had a constant thirst for knowledge regarding which crystals do what and what different colours mean to me, or their shapes and what you can do with them. My experiences personally have been both intriguing and surprising. And giving them to others has been very warming and sincerely humbling, leaving me lost for words, and also very unexpected. I love what earth crystals bring. I love their meanings. I love the natural affiliation with the Zodiac. As I get older, and my grandmothers are long gone, the sentiment has changed. The earth crystals offer a greater depth and meaning than any man-made crystal could possibly achieve because the history of earth crystals pre-date man-made crystal, by millions of years. Also because of their origins and the fascination with how they came to exist. The volcanoes that erupted, the pressures in the earth, the gases that formed and the sun interactions. It is nothing short of amazing. Then to discover that something so still can actually emit and receive an energy or vibration. It’s hard not to want to buy everything you see!

But the cautious Capricorn side of me ensures that I don’t go overboard on the spending. Buying crystals does not need to be expensive though. However if you are buying many varieties or buying very high grade earth crystals then you might want to consider getting a second job! Or buying them in a Crystal Hamper.

So there was no debate as to whether we should include a crystal sun-catcher in the hampers. I am spreading my love of all things crystal with the combination of earth crystals and a crystal sun-catcher in all Crystal Hampers. Subsequently our Crystal Hampers have been described as earthy, yet sophisticated with a touch of bling.  I hope you enjoy this non-traditional mix and it ignites a crystal journey, whether for yourself, or the person you are gifting a hamper to. I look forward to hearing about your crystal journeys too.

Sorry, back to the question…Swarovski Crystals or Earth Crystals? I say, Swarovski Crystals AND Earth crystals!