Terms of Use

This Terms of Use Policy was created September 2017 in Australia by Noosa Simple Pleasures PTY LTD Trading as Crystal Hampers™ ABN 35 104 071 061.

Under the Terms of Use, we (Crystal Hampers) have outlined special conditions regarding the use of our website and regarding some of the contents of our hampers.

By using this website, (including browsing) and/or supplying your information, we have assumed you (The Consumer) have read and understand, and are therefore agreeing, to the terms as set out in this policy.

Hamper Terms

Incense, Incense Holder and Sage Cluster
  1. Please do not leave incense or sage unattended when in use. We do not accept liability for its use.
  2. Please do not give to a child to use or leave children unattended around incense or sage.
  1. The use of Crystals should never replace any medical or health practitioner advice, at any time.
  2. Some people can have strong reactions to crystals. Eg palpitations. In the uncommon event of this happening please discontinue using it immediately.
  3. We reserve the right to substitute a crystal for another crystal if none of our suppliers are able to fulfil our requirements. The Crystal will be sympathetic with the hamper selection. In any case, the same number of crystals will be included in the Hamper, and will be of similar or greater value.
  4. Crystal Hampers can help you select the right hamper.
  5. Please supervise Children around crystals.
  6. Seek specialist advice for further information, particularly regarding applications of crystals or if you want to give crystals to children, or any other advice about crystals.
  7. We do not accept liability for their use.
  8. We do not promote their potential physical healing abilities.
  9. We do not advise which crystals to buy if you want to add to your collection.
  10. We do not add crystals to the hamper or add to the hamper unless for bulk orders.
  11. Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz are in every Hamper for reasons outlined in the FAQ. Furthermore, set combinations apply.
  12. Crystals in the hampers are both polished or natural cut, and can be smaller or bigger than others that are photographed or on our website. This choice has been made for you based on the reasons outlined in the FAQ.
  13. We only cleanse crystals as outlined in the FAQ.
Packaging Materials
  1. Recycling initiatives vary from municipality to municipality, and city to city. Please check with your council to ensure all materials you wish to recycle can be done so.
  2. Please also supervise children around the packaging, particularly ribbons.
  1. Crystal Hampers does not accept any liability for the placement of the sun-catcher.
  2. It is advised to place it where you can supervise it`s use. It is also advised not to place it in a position in which it will radiate solar energy without any movement, to prevent it starting a fire.
  3. Please supervise all children around the sun-catcher. Remember it is glass and fragile.
Crystal Cage
  1. Crystal Hampers does not accept liability for the loss of the cage or it’s contents.
  2. It is the wearers responsibility to ensure it`s safety and security, including placement and security on any chain, bracelet, bag or key ring.
  3. Please also supervise children if the cage is for their use.


Please also see Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for further information. Otherwise if you still cant find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Terms of Use Policy. Please contact us if you have any further questions.