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This Website Terms Policy was created September 2017 in Australia by Noosa Simple Pleasures PTY LTD Trading as Crystal Hampers™ ABN 35 104 071 061.

Under the Website Terms, we (Crystal Hampers) have outlined special conditions regarding the use of our website.

By using this website, (including browsing) and/or supplying your information, we have assumed you (The Consumer) have read and understand, and are therefore agreeing, to the terms as set out in this policy.

Copyright and Trademark

The Crystal Hampers name and associated diamonds and bow is a registered trademark of Noosa Simple Pleasures PTY LTD.

No content from the website can be reproduced, copied, or utilised in any way, by any means,  (including, and not limited to the storage of, by any means) for commercial purposes without the written consent of Crystal Hampers.

The content is for personal use only. For personal use, you may download images and information, one time only for social media platforms, and informative purposes only. If in doubt, please contact us for written consent.

Misuse or breaches of Copyright or Trademark conditions will be enforced under Australian Federal Statutory Laws or Common Law and will be brought to justice in an Australian Court of Law. Passing off the Crystal Hampers brand in any way will constitute a breach. We take the protection of our Intellectual Property very seriously.

Other Intellectual Property and Reference Materials

Crystal Hampers does not engage in plagiarism or quote other people’s work without reference to it’s origins or without the consent of the said writer, contributor or publisher.

Crystal Hampers has gained extensive general knowledge through exhaustive investigations, wide reading, personal experiences and abilities, comprehensive research, and multiple discussions via fifty plus different avenues and  sources to form their own intuitive opinions and views for commercial purposes, including engaging a specialist. Furthermore, Crystal Hampers has not knowingly quoted any such sources.

Crystal Hampers does not promote the potential physical healing benefits of crystals and can therefore not refer you to any one source for such information. It should be noted that such proposed benefits are not governed by law and should never replace medical or health professional advice, at any time.  

Accessing/using the website

Crystal Hampers makes no warranty for the use of it`s website. However, every care is taken to ensure the website is both safe and error free. By accessing and/or utilising the website, it is at your own risk.


Crystal Hampers pledge to you a code of conduct that is of the utmost professionalism in your dealings with us. We are a proud small family owned and run business, so your satisfaction with our product and shopping experience is imperative to us. We would love to say we are perfect but any issues big or small, we will make them right, and as quickly as possible, to minimise any inconvenience to you or the recipient of a Crystal Hamper.

Furthermore, if you have an issue (big or small) with anything to do with Crystal Hampers, we would really appreciate to hear about it first so we have that opportunity to make things right. Please contact us to discuss your issue further.

Right to Update

This Terms of Use Policy will be updated from time to time. We suggest you review the Policy before placing orders. The date this document was written or updated is noted in the header.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Website Terms Policy. Please contact us if you have any further questions.